Blake is a happy 5 year old who loves superheroes and sharks. He also loves riding the bus to preschool, playing at the park, riding his bike and playing with his little brother, Bryce. Blake loves to talk and makes friends easily.
Blake was born with an extra thumb, mild hearing loss in one ear and mild hypospadias. He was and still is small for his age. His extra thumb was removed at Seattle Children's Hospital when he was one year old. The doctors at Children's suggested he see a genetisist to see if any of his abnormalities were connected. After nine months and many tests, Blake was diagnosed with FA when he was almost two years old.

Blake's family was almost immediately connected with The Fanconi Anemia Research Fund  and were able to attend Camp Sunshine  the following summer. At Camp Sunshine in Casco, Maine they connected with other families who were going through the some of the same things they were. That is where Blake met Isaac and Avery. 

Since Blake's diagnosis he has undergone more blood draws, doctor appointments and biopsies than the average adult. He is only 5 but one of the bravest people you'll ever meet. He will tell you, "I have to get blood draws because my blood doesn't work right." Blake is in moderate to severe bone marrow failure and will have to have a bone marrow transplant within the next few years. Luckily Blake has quite a few matches on the registry. 

This summer, Blake will be enrolled in a medical research trial at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance called Gene Therapy. Ideally, if Gene Therapy is successful, Blake will not have to have a bone marrow transplant. His blood will be cured (but FA will not be cured just his blood disease). If it works, he will be using his own cells and correcting them so that they multiply in the blood. This would be absolutely amazing and would eliminate the risks that accompany a bone marrow transplant, including graft verses host disease. Blake's family is praying that it is successful. If not, then they will be happy to have contributed to research that will hopefully help other children in the future. 

Blake and his family live life to the fullest everyday. They fundraise for FARF because that is one thing they can control in this awful disease. They can't control when Blake's marrow will fail or when Blake will get sick but they can support research so that Blake and other kids with FA have a better chance at living a long happy life. 

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September 4, 2017